Hello, we are Shizuka company : Soundproof panels & Acoustic panels made in Japan

    Hello, I am Mr.I of Shizuka company. 
    From today, I am going to write some articles in English for people from different countries.

    First of all,  let me introduce you about our company.

    Our company is located in Japan.
    The main product of our company is soundproof panels.
    Soundproof panel “Hitorishizuka” series are mainly used for noisy machines such as compressor, crushing machine, vacuum pump, Outdoor unit etc.

    Also we provide “SHIZUKA stillness panel” which is an acoustic panel for people who want to enjoy good sound.
    SHIZUKA stillness panel” is used in music studio, live music club, movie theater, and also your own home.

    For more information please visit our website.

    I will talk about our company and product in more detail from the next article.
    Thank you for reading.